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Search engines favor websites that regularly post fresh, relevant content through a blog. For an additional fee, we can install a WordPress blog for your website.

Why Add a Blog? A blog can help you:

WordPress Blogs

At CPA Website Design, we utilize WordPress as our platform of choice for creating blogs, and for an additional fee, we can install a custom blog onto your accounting firm’s website. With WordPress being the most widely used platform for blogging, it offers a wide range of features, such as social sharing, that can be tailored to your needs. Your new blog will also be customized to coordinate with your website’s logo and colors. Consistently posting fresh and relevant content through your blog will help increase website traffic and provide another way to connect with your potential customers.

Already Have a Blog?

In case you have an existing WordPress blog, we can transfer all of your previous content to the new blog. If you’d rather not move your old content, that’s perfectly fine! We can simply add a link to your current blog on your new Essential, Niche, or Custom Website at no extra cost.

What's Included With Your Blog


The fee to set up a new blog is $200, while the fee to convert an existing WordPress blog is $250.

Additionally, there is a monthly maintenance fee of $10 for all blogs.

Want To Learn More?

To get started, dial 888-888-8888 and speak with Chris Kelly.

Or, you can request your Free Info Kit online right away.

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