Online Ad Campaign Management

Generate More Leads Through Internet

Harness our expertise in online advertising for accountants and maximize your results. With years of experience managing thousands of ad campaigns, we possess an abundance of valuable data on top-performing keywords, ad content, and campaign structures.

Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram Advertising Management

CPA Website Design offers accountants the opportunity to speed up internet leads through our Google Ads Pay Per Click (PPC), Facebook ads, and Instagram advertising campaign management services.

Our Google PPC advertising is designed to drive traffic to your website by displaying ads toward the top of the search results pages. We also offer retargeting advertising as an optional add-on to PPC, reminding recent website visitors about your firm by displaying additional ads as they browse the internet.

Social media is a popular platform and can greatly enhance your online marketing efforts. With Facebook ads and Instagram ads, you can reach specific target audiences and remain visible to potential clients who align with your ideal customer profile.

Benefits of Google Ads PPC and Retargeting Advertising

Google advertising allows you to promote your accounting firm by displaying your ads to the right people, at the right place, and at the right time. Your ads will reach people who are most likely to be interested in your accounting services while filtering out irrelevant audiences.

A Google Ads campaign will:

Benefits of Facebook Advertising

With CPA Website Design’s Facebook advertising service, you can efficiently promote your accounting practice with precise targeting options. We’ll assist you in identifying your target audience and setting specific criteria to determine where your ads are displayed, such as location, demographics, job, interests, income, and more.

A Facebook Ads campaign will:

To avail of Facebook and Instagram advertising, an extra monthly fee along with ads spent is charged. You can call on 888-999-9800 ext. 156 to get a quote from Nita Sabo

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